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Independent Craft BreweryOur beer is brewed in a 7 barrel (31 gallons per barrel) brewhouse
in Goshen, Indiana.

We brew a variety of traditional styles blended with unique ingredients, including barrel-aged and sour beers.



Grab a crowler or fill your growler to go!

– TIER 1 –

25.4 oz Crowler can = $7

Growlers: 32oz. = $7 & 64oz. = $14

Tafel Bier

Belgian Table Beer

Subtle malt character and caramel color with cereal sweetness and notes of clove. 

A low-ABV brew with mild bitterness, this traditional table beer is easy-drinking and refreshing!

ABV: 3.8%   IBUs: 10 

Cheeky Bloke

English Dark Mild

Notes of chocolate, almond, toffee and vanilla.

“Blimey, what a bloody, brilliant brew!”

ABV: 4.3%  IBUs: 17



Dunkel Monk

Munich- Style Dunkel Lager

This beer pours deep chestnut brown with notes of date, fig jam, raisin, and toasted sweet bread.

The perfect beer for sitting around the campfire! 

ABV: 4.4%  IBUs: 21



Kolsch – style

Crisp, easy-drinking, slightly malty and clean. 

Made with traditional ingredients. WF

ABV: 4.8%  IBUs: 22


American Pale Ale

Bright pine and citrus, balanced with just enough malt.

Adjust your angle or you’ll end up with an Anhyzer! 

ABV: 5.3%  IBUs: 42



– TIER 2 –

25.4 oz. Crowler can

Growlers: 32oz. = $9 & 64oz. = $18

Electric Peach

Kettle Sour

Crisp, tart, and peach on the nose.

Fermented with peach puree.    

ABV: 5.1%   IBUs: 9






Kettle Sour

A delicate mix of Raspberries and lactose

ABV: 5.0%   IBUs: 9




Rain Check


Light-bodied with a dry finish. Enjoy malts and notes of chocolate

… your other plans can wait. 

ABV: 6%   IBUs: 38  





So many Mosaic hops you won’t be able to think straight!

It’s illogical. 

ABV: 6.2%   IBUs: 42



Hard Cider 


Semi-dry batch fermented with local Kercher’s Orchard blend of apples

for a crisp, clean, and fruity bouquet. 

ABV: 6.7%  


– TIER 3 –

25.4 oz. Crowler can = $10

Growlers: 32oz. = $12, 64oz. = $20


Euro Gold

Belgian Golden Strong Ale

A symbiotic entanglement of orange, banana, clove & graham cracker. 

Sweet body finishing dry with moderate bitterness.     WF 

ABV: 8%  IBU: 45


Hazy Double IPA

Mango, nectarine, cantaloupe & a permanent haze.  

ABV: 8%  IBU: 56



– TIER 4 –

25.4 oz. Crowler can = $12

Growlers: 32oz. = $14, 64oz. = $25



– TIER 5 –

Barrel-aged beers

In-house only



12oz. beers you can grab from the beer cooler!

Currently Available

Frank | American IPA | Goshen Brewing Company
Tailwind | American Pale Ale | Goshen Brewing Company
Tailwind | American Pale Ale | Goshen Brewing Company
Razby | Sour | Goshen Brewing Company
ABV = Alcohol by volume
IBUs= International Bitterness Units (range from 1-100, higher = more bitterness)